At Ojo Santa Fe our passionate team is dedicated to guide you on a journey of self-discovery, and honor your desire for optimal health and well-being.



Diane is a native of New Mexico and a practitioner and teacher of Eastern philosophy and the Oriental healing arts since 1977. Her teaching practice springs from the fusion of Qi and Creativity to incorporate the body, the brush, breath, words, color, and imagery in a variety of media.

She facilitates the awakening of the body, mind and spirit through guided creative explorations. Her healing arts, stress reduction techniques and creativity classes encompass meditation, various levels of Qigong therapeutic movement, art, and creative writing.

One of her signature classes is “Body as Brush” which invites guests to move their bodies with Qi while using Sumi ink to capture a visual expression informed by the present moment.

Diane has created her practice from a lifetime of passionate study. Her professional training includes Vipassana, Zen, and Taoist traditions. Diane completed the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction internship program at U Mass Memorial Medical Center, and served for a year as a work/study Retreat Manager at the Insight Meditation Center in Barre, Massachusetts.

Diane began an in-depth study of Mogadao Qigong in Taos, NM in 1995 with Sifu Zhenzan Dao. While living In Taos in the early 1990s, she was inspired by renowned figure drawing instructor, Ed Heffernan. This experience uncovered Diane’s potential as an artist and eventually led to her pursuit of a Master’s Degree in Arts Education at The University of New Mexico (2006).

Diane is a certified Guide Level Qigong Instructor and Sacred Sexuality Instructor with the MogaDao Institute of Santa Fe. She facilitates Self­–Care and Qigong retreats at the UNM Center for Life Integrative Medical Center in Albuquerque.

Private Experiences:

Art & Qi: Expressive Processes
Allow an ancient practice to inspire your artistic expression. We’ll start with a guided exploration of Qi — life force energy — through the movements of Qigong. We then integrate the movement of Qi through multi-media art explorations. Each piece created is a unique expression of your inner wisdom. No previous art experience necessary!



Originally from Pittsburgh, PA, Sabrina found her home in Santa Fe upon moving here in 1997. The art, culture, high-desert mountains and support of mind-body wellness as a lifestyle, has captured her heart and never let go. 

As a certified personal trainer, hiking and dance enthusiast and accomplished TRX instructor, Sabrina teaches to the idea that fitness should bring as much enjoyment as it does improvement to our overall well-being and physical functionality. Sabrina combines traditional and innovative elements of movement and resistance training to allow guests to explore the many modalities fitness has to offer. 

Whether it’s an impromptu dance party in her kitchen with her daughter or teaching pilates rooted movements on the TRX suspension trainer, Sabrina feels a deep connection to the soul through movement. The ability to share that with others is a great blessing. 

Private Experiences:

TRX Resistance, Pilates and Yoga
A customized workout based on your needs and fitness level. Suspension training uses TRX straps, bodyweight and gravity to stabilize the core, work the smaller muscle groups surrounding the joints and strengthen the major muscle groups. Using a combination of pilates rooted movements, yoga stretches and traditional resistance training exercises, this workout is designed to improve balance, strength and overall functional fitness.

Functional Fitness; Movement Mechanics
Reprogram the body to move better through training techniques that break down the 5 basic movement patterns. This training is appropriate for those new to a fitness routine or anybody looking to improve balance, core stability and posture. Mimicking real-life movements, these exercises allow for improved functioning in everyday living.

Load Training
Using cable machines, free weights, TRX suspension straps, Bosu balls and/or resistance bands, this intermediate to advanced workout teaches proper technique and form when adding resistance. Customized based on your needs and fitness level, learn innovative exercises to add to your existing routine as well as proper load progression. Appropriate for anybody looking to improve muscular strength and hypertrophy.

Personalized Fitness Training
Learn and practice workout and training sequences tailored specifically to your needs and desired results. From strength and endurance training to flexibility and functional fitness, this course will focus on what works for you. Every Body is different, discover what works for yours! 



Ruth’s philosophy is that art should be joyfully messy! She believes that a wide array of materials and experiences allow for the muse of serendipity to flower.

In her experience, it is very rare to see art coming from one particular place or a single technique.

Ruth’s vast experience and endeavors in art include the creation of mixed media art dolls, jewelry making, and illustration – all creations that have found homes in collections on five continents.

It is from this palette of experience that Ruth crafts one-of-a-kind art classes and open studio sessions using a variety of materials for guests at Ojo Santa Fe to discover, explore and enjoy.

Private Experiences:

Beginning Metalsmithing Cold Forging
Let physical force give shape to metallic beauty in this introductory class. Using copper wire and hand tools, learn basic metal shaping techniques and bench craft to shape a pair of precious stone earrings or a pendant. 

Serenity Guardian
Give form to your personal serenity guardian through mixed-media exploration. Fiber, fabric, and found objects provide an endless variety of materials to bring your creation to life. Complete a one-of-a-kind shaman-themed art doll with the guidance of a professional art-doll artist.

5-Minute Canvases (At least 2 people) 
Creativity and collaboration meet in this shared art experience. Give voice to shared visions and imagine in unison as you trade artwork between yourselves, each adding to the other’s creation. No rules and no drawing skill needed! These sessions often end in laughter and two to four pieces of art work to take home.

Winged Milagros
A classic New Mexican folk art tradition, with many interpretations, a milagro most often represents an icon for protection or good luck. Create your own personalized milagro, an elaborate 3D heart with wings, embellished with jeweled drops or pearls, and embossing waxes. The only limit is your imagination! Fancier than a valentine, but just as sentimental.



Billy was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ and attended college at Northern Arizona University, where he studied Parks and Recreation Management with a minor in history. After college, he spent a glorious year and a half backpacking and working around the world. Starting in New Zealand where he worked in apple orchards and wine vineyards, he ventured to Australia, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand, where he became a certified “Advanced Open Water Diver.”

Returning to the US the pursued work with NOLS – The National Outdoor Leadership School after which he trained and worked as an EMT at a traumatic brain injury clinic in Denver. The work was rewarding but Billy was called back to his roots of instruction around recreation and the out of doors. This took him to Aspen where he worked as a camp counselor, climbing wall attendant, and lifeguard and eventually supervised the Aspen Recreation Center for 10 years.

Billy moved to Santa Fe in March of 2016 with his wife, who is in the art business. He is drawn to the beauty of Northern New Mexico and wide array of outdoor activities. At Sunrise, he enjoys guiding guests through outdoor discoveries and adventure. 

Private Experiences:

Targeting Excellence
Each day we aim to achieve excellence in many facets of our lives. Discover the art of riflery on our small high desert range.  Learn the principles of marksmanship as you shoot at targets designed to strengthen your skills and remind you to always strive for excellence.

Hatchet Throwing
Get in touch with your primal roots as you embrace a show of strength and stamina through hatchet throwing. This outdoor adventure sport requires patience, precision and a willingness to try something new. Whether you’re looking to relieve some tension or do some physical exercise, hatchet throwing will leave you feeling less stressed and on a bit of an adrenaline high.

Archery has ancient roots as an East Asian mindfulness practice. Drawing upon the artistry of standing meditation, archery allows you to synchronize body and mind. Whether you are seeking a mindful practice or a new recreational pursuit our basic archery class allows you to learn new techniques as you practice this ancient art.



From a very young age, Claudia has always loved animals, both big and small, and has cultivated relationships with them in various ways. She grew up in Germany, and studied Elementary School Teaching for four years. She then studied Naturopathy for Animals for an additional 2 years before she left her home country and moved to Maui, Hawaii where she lived for 12 years.

There, she became a Licensed Massage Therapist and also studied acupuncture. In addition, she worked with and trained horses at a prestigious ranch, taking the ranch guests out riding. During this time she studied and became so passionate about Natural Hoofcare that she became a Natural Hoofcare Practitioner, trimming and specializing in the care of horses feet.

After a life-changing event, Claudia re-invented her life and became involved in pottery and photography as part of her healing process. Healing and teaching about this process has always been a huge part of Claudia’s life, and she loves assisting others in their own personal growth process.

Claudia has always been a deeply spiritual person, seeking answers from different religions and varied cultural backgrounds. She is passionate about sharing her experiences and the wisdom she has gained, and loves helping guide people towards a more conscious, healthy and expanded way of life.

The connection and communication between animals and people is close to her heart, and she helps build a bridge between them which can facilitate understanding, communication, mutual respect and growth. Claudia studied Animal Communication as part of this bridge-building process. She facilitates sessions for people and their animals, also teaches others to meditate and be able to have a closer connection with their own animals.

At Sunrise Springs Claudia facilitates classes with puppies and chickens, aromatherapy and clay in different forms, as personal expressions of art and soul.



Aditi grew up in India watching and learning from her mother and grandmother as they
made delicious aromatic spicy foods. She has worked on perfecting her culinary skills
for over 30 years in the US. She has a passion for sharing her heritage through Indian
cuisine and makes spice cooking easy for healthy and perfectly balanced vegetarian

Aditi has been teaching cooking classes for over 20 years. She has a Masters degree in
Nutrition and Food Science. She conducts Indian Vegetarian cooking workshops at
Santa Fe Community College. Aditi is a multi-generational cook with strong roots in
Ayurvedic cooking principles.

Aditi served as the Executive Director at Medfield TV in Massachusetts and has
produced and hosted several cooking series videos including ‘Spice Mantra’ and
‘Vegetarian Spice’. ‘Vegetarian Spice” cooking shows air weekly in over 90 cities and
towns across Massachusetts and New Hampshire in the community TV stations. Aditi
has published recipes and articles in the Medfield Home Town Weekly. She has certification
in Broadcast Journalism. She is a trained Personal and Corporate Coach and has worked
for prestigious international institutions. 

Moving to Santa Fe and embracing the fascinating food culture that exists here
has been extremely rewarding for her. Aditi is especially excited to unravel the
secrets of Ayurvedic, Vegan and Vegetarian Indian Cooking in Santa Fe. Sharing
the richness of the ancient Indian culture is an incredible experience for her. 



Alexis Cintron was raised in a small town in Northern New Mexico, where nature was at her finger tips.  Growing up in New Mexico’s high desert, Alexis nurtured her relationship to the seasons and how each season reflects to us, our ability to feel, adapt and flow with all of Life. 

Alexis’ connection to the earth and all the elements propelled her into the Ancient Studies of Ayurveda and Ayuryoga. Throughout the last 10 years she cultivated a language that spoke to her understanding and has embodied the words through movement.  Alexis is a very passionate person who holds a very deep presence.  Her ability to see and listen to what the body is communicating to her is so clear. It is as if she is speaking to something that hasn’t been acknowledged, nurturing it back into the flow of one’s life.

She feels that when one is fully present in the moment, then the path to healing is open and available for Spirit to be felt. 

Alexis’ love for life and all that is possible is contagious and uplifting. She is in the process of becoming a Doula and deepening her relationship to the breath of life.  At Sunrise Springs, Alexis shares her appreciation for life through yoga, breathwork, marma, reiki, meditation and movement.  She is excited to cross paths with you!

Alexis is certified in Reiki, Marma, Of Origin Yoga, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Ayuryoga. 



Carl “Buzz” Dickens grew up on 4 ½ acres in the farming village of Los Ranchos, along the Rio Grande River, just north of Albuquerque.  His childhood was ditches and alfalfa and trips to the river.   He first worked for Sunrise Springs in 1984, the year he and his former wife and two daughters moved to the La Cienega Valley and lived in the historic Baca ancestral home just south of Sunrise.    He and his wife Ellie have lived on 150-acre Blue Horse Ranch, just down the road from Sunrise, for going on 17 years.

Carl has been active in the La Cienega community having served for over ten years as the Secretary/Treasurer of the El Guicu Ditch Association, a three-hundred-year old ditch or acequia association. 25 years ago, he participated in the establishment of the La Cienega Valley Association Board and participated in the writing of the community plan.  He was elected president in 2004.

Carl also co-chairs the Santa Fe River Traditional Communities Collaborative, a group working on water issues in the Lower Santa Fe Watershed. He has a strong interest in preserving the communities’ rural way of living and its agricultural traditions while understanding the need and importance of pro-actively responding to the challenges of growth and development.

Carl has a strong interest and fascination with the stories of the many cultures of New Mexico and their rich histories.  He intends to share his passion for these histories with Sunrise Springs guests



Camille Litalien, Experiential Guide
MA, Registered Somatic Movement Therapist and Educator, E-RYT500, Yoga Teacher Trainer

“Everything substantial I have ever learned, I learned through being in my body: I am a dancer, a student of yoga, this is my process.”  – Camille Litalien

Camille’s ability to guide people through embodied transformative processes comes from two decades of training daily professional actors and dancers, guiding them and watching them grow and mature into skill-full, well-rounded, successful artists.  Her ability to perceive physiological and psycho-somatic impositions and restrictions is supported by over thirty years of daily yoga practice and intentional movement studies. She has experience in Yoga Therapy, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Myofascial Release, Body Mind Centering, Skinner Releasing and the Study of Ayurveda, all of which manifest in her practice as a professional and cathartic dancer.

Areas of focus within the Experiential Program
Yoga, Ayurveda, Creative and Healing movement forms

What do you love about working at Sunrise Springs?
Historically, Natural Springs were a safe place for everyone to freely come to, regardless of backgrounds and beliefs: A place where everyone was welcome at all time, a sacred place of thrust, where you could bathe with your worst enemy without fear. The Springs remind me day after day of our own capacity for tolerance and compassion for each other and the living world we inhabit. I am hoping that the experiences I offer at Sunrise could be a little offering back to these healing Springs.

My Core Value is ‘Excellence’:
I thrive when I am able to apply my knowledge and expertise to create the best possible experience for our guests.

 Watch Camille’s Ted Talk:


“The grounds are beautiful; the staff is exceptional.”
–Kathie M, Gilbert, AZ