Alexis Cintron

Alexis Cintron grew up in the high desert of Northern New Mexico, where nature was at her finger tips. Her connection to the earth and all the elements propelled her into the Ancient Studies of Ayurveda and Ayuryoga.

Her ability to see and listen to what the body is communicating to her is clear. It is as if she is speaking to something that hasn’t been acknowledged, nurturing it back into the flow of one’s life.

Alexis is certified in Reiki, Marma, Of Origin Yoga, Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Ayuryoga. She is always in the process of deepening her relationship to the breath of life.

Alexis’ love for life and all that is possible is contagious and uplifting. She is excited to cross paths with you.

Embodied Breath

Take a guided journey into deep breath awareness, strengthening your inner reserve and outer resolve. Relax into the moment, soften into the sounds and unfold into the untangling of patterns woven within your body of water. Journey with the sound waves to guide your way back home. 50 minutes, $119

Internal Freedom

Our life journey is a dance, a dance of moving through the limitations of expression within oneself. Through movement and breath, we experience the freedoms and limitations of our primal body and spirit. Together we will journey through the perceived limitations in range, movement and expression as we delve into something deeper — inner freedom. 50 minutes, $119

Anchoring Your Voice

In each of our bodies lies highways of communication. When in harmony, these pulsing energetic lines allow us the freedom to speak and be heard. Life can present challenges and roadblocks along the way. Learn to unblock and unleash your inner voice as we explore the space where your voice is anchored, re-opening the highways of healing. 50 minutes, $119