Newly reopened as Ojo Santa Fe, we are now welcoming guests at up to 50% occupancy. For overnight guests, our Repose Pools are available by reservation only for up to two sessions per day. Our private Ojitos are currently our only soaking experience available for day guests. To book lodging and soaking:  877-977-8212.  

Master bead-maker Nomoda Ebenezer Djaba also known as Cedi is founder of Cedi Beads Industry, which employs regional artisans interested in learning the glass bead-making practice of Ghana. Cedi’s art form is colorful, bold, and distinctly his own—he uses recycled glass for most of his beads, primarily sourced from broken bottles and windows.

Join us Saturday, July 7th, 5pm from 4p-8p in the Sages Gallery for a demonstration of his work.

Cedi Beads Industry from Ghana