An astrologer, teacher, and student of esotericism, Shada has been studying, practicing, and writing about various forms of divination for over 20 years.

Her approach to astrology emphasizes the integration of both modern and traditional techniques as they have been practiced for 2,000 years; creating a harmonious, beautiful, and accurate system that allows for both inner exploration and general prediction.

Shada brings her sensitivity, life experience, and wisdom to every client with whom she consults. Understanding that we are on this journey together to help one other, walking alongside them, she is committed to serving others. A person’s natal chart is like a blueprint of their soul. Shada will reveal and articulate the patterns contained within and offer guidance on how to use the birth chart to unlock our potential and live a more meaningful life.

Your accurate birth date, time and city of birth are required for a precise reading.

The Year Ahead $119
Curious what the future holds? Look to the stars for answers with this astrological consultation. Shada will touch upon the most important themes and trends that are up for review in the coming year. She will look at where things stand currently, what conditions you are emerging from, and what to expect in the upcoming months. You will be given timeframes in which you might see events develop, come to fruition, and pass.

* The exact time, date and location of your birth are required for this consultation.

Astrological Special Topic $129
This astrological consultation offers deep insight into issues that may be at the forefront of your mind. Focus on any specific question you may have or any area of your chart you wish to understand better. Topics may include: personal life direction, money, career, home, family, relationships, children, spiritual growth, friendships, past life/karma, creativity and pleasure, and health and well-being.

*Please provide your question/area of concern and your birth date, exact time and city of birth before the consult.