A Poem For the New Year

Circumferential Revisions

We travel,
we spin
through seasons
The light, the dark.
in tilted
we move
in arcs long
we’re pulled back
as if then
in arms
we’re held in the turns.
An orbit is nothing
Nor knows nothing about
Ideas of with
Or those of without.
Turn then the world,
this life dares us to
sever all strings,
to Saturnine rings,
let we wet wings
spring forth unfurled.
Raise them, shake them
then alight them
up that we might
take flight
and take sight of
the fuse, our muse
in the night-
let’s ignite them!
A year’s built on ideas
of timely divisions;
Creations resting
on circumferential revisions,
on spin,
on angle
and distance.
So a year starts now
or in an hour and a half
Whether then or late tomorrow
It isn’t when
Yet, rather
laid to fallow.
What’s let go?
What isn’t needed?
It’s not tonight
Rather when we’ve stated
“the plots been weeded,
dark soil seeded.”
Look up
we’re suspended.
Look around it’s all magic.
Reach out
we’re connected
to the light,

Michael Schroeder at Sunrise Springs near Santa Fe New Mexico Spa

Michael Schroeder, Lead Counselor, MA, LMFT
Michael received undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Printmaking from the University of California Santa Cruz. He then studied graphic and furniture design at Parsons School of Design in NYC and trained as a Yoga Instructor at New York’s Integral Yoga. For many years, Michael worked as a fine artist with gallery representation in New York City and Santa Fe. Art led him back to psychology, and he received his Master’s Degree from Pacifica Graduate Institute, graduating summa cum laude. Michael has strived to maintain the connection between art and psychology in his career and personal life. He is a licensed psychotherapist (LMFT) in California and New Mexico and has worked extensively with couples and kids.