20 Jan 2017

Show Up For You: Making Self-Care A Priority Now

We are fortunate at Sunrise Springs for the presence and wisdom of our Medicine Wheel. At the heart of our property, the Wheel encourages you to look into and nurture your emotional, physical, spiritual and mental lives and, more specifically, poses particular questions about how well you are caring for yourself in those areas.

Self-care isn’t a new idea. Nor the fact that most of us need to be reminded to be good to ourselves and, even then, we still don’t do a great job at it. Why do so many of us find it challenging to carve out time for ourselves? Typically, the excuses include being too busy or the belief that another person’s needs eclipse our own. Think of the occasions where you have agreed that a hike, a day off, a ceramics class or a bowl of greens would be good for you only to follow the realization up with an excuse as to why you can’t do it right now.

From life experience, you know that you are only as good and present for others as you are for ourselves. If you can’t “show up” with love and care for yourself how can you expect to do so for anyone else? And, ultimately, this is the root tenet of Self-Care: That the care (or lack thereof) you bring to your body, mind and spirit directly impacts your physical and psychological health as well as your relationship to self and others. 

The Medicine Wheel approaches self-care directly. It asks,” How do you show up for yourself? Especially when facing a particularly challenging life passage.” The first step to Self-Care is observation—non judgmental and kind reflection of self. What are you doing or not doing for yourself? What sort of regular attention are you giving to your overall sense of well-being and care? Of all the events in your week, how many of them are rooted in the joy, fun and the enrichment of you?

Acts of self-care and love suggest by their very virtue that you are worthy of them and with consistency and regular time set aside for ourselves, we come to actually believe in and deepen our sense of esteem and value. Allow this new year to awaken you to a love and awareness of self, to bringing balance to your life and to the knowledge that Self-Care begins here–in the moment and within us—through:

Care of our bodies through clean, wholesome nutrition and movement.

Care of our minds through quiet contemplation, expression and sharing.

Care of our Spirit through nature, laughter and the replacing of old patterns with a positive self image and through trust in the process of life.

Michael Schroeder at Sunrise Springs near Santa Fe New Mexico Spa

Michael Schroeder, Lead Counselor, MA, LMFT
Michael received undergraduate degrees in Psychology and Printmaking from the University of California Santa Cruz. He then studied graphic and furniture design at Parsons School of Design in NYC and trained as a Yoga Instructor at New York’s Integral Yoga. For many years, Michael worked as a fine artist with gallery representation in New York City and Santa Fe. Art led him back to psychology, and he received his Master’s Degree from Pacifica Graduate Institute, graduating summa cum laude. Michael has strived to maintain the connection between art and psychology in his career and personal life. He is a licensed psychotherapist (LMFT) in California and New Mexico and has worked extensively with couples and kids.