10 Apr 2017

World Health Day

The theme of World Health Day this year, run by the World Health Organization, is “Depression, Let’s Talk”.  Worldwide, depression is THE leading cause of ill health and disability and rates have increased 18% between 2005 and 2015.

The WHO has a one year global campaign on depression and this day in April is the highlight. As you might imagine, this is inspired by the fact of people not talking, and the point is to encourage seeking and getting help.  WHO describes the “core of the campaign” as “the importance of talking about depression as a vital component to recovery”, and notes that the stigma surrounding brain illness including depression remains a barrier to help throughout the world.

Depression is a devastating illness and there is treatment. It is, as noted above, incredibly common—the most common illness among all illnesses worldwide.  It is an illness that affects the most complex organ in our body and from there the rest of our lives. It’s time to help put an end to stigma and talk about it.

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Sally Fisher at Sunrise Springs near Santa Fe New Mexico SpaDr. Sally Fisher specializes in evidence-based integrative and nutritional medicine and is Sunrise Springs’ Medical Director. Her desire and intention is to have those she works with feel deeply that she is fully present, with warmth, humor, and knowledge, as she helps people to explore ways of enhancing their health and wellness.