Newly reopened as Ojo Santa Fe, we are now welcoming guests at up to 50% occupancy. For overnight guests, our Repose Pools are available by reservation only for up to two sessions per day. Our private Ojitos are currently our only soaking experience available for day guests. To book lodging and soaking:  877-977-8212.  

  • Fast Freddy - ADOPTED!

    Fast Freddy - ADOPTED!

  • Khloe


  • Marshall


  • Mulan


  • Cloud


  • Peppa


  • Michelle


  • Michael


  • Turin


  • Khloe


  • Clover


  • Notorious CAT - ADOPTED!

    Notorious CAT - ADOPTED!

  • Zach - ADOPTED!

    Zach - ADOPTED!

  • Jenny - ADOPTED!

    Jenny - ADOPTED!

  • Forrest - ADOPTED!

    Forrest - ADOPTED!

  • Alyssa - ADOPTED!

    Alyssa - ADOPTED!

  • Hugo - ADOPTED!

    Hugo - ADOPTED!

  • Emma & Hugo - ADOPTED!

    Emma & Hugo - ADOPTED!

  • Suki - ADOPTED!

    Suki - ADOPTED!

Cats and Kittens

Sunrise Springs is partnering with Española Humane to bring you a dose of happiness in the form of snuggles, petting and even catnaps with our team of precious feline friends.

In addition to the joy you’ll get from cuddling and being playful with the cats, you’ll enjoy health benefits as well. Animal interactions have been shown to help lower stress and anxiety levels while helping to increase communication skills and sense of interconnectedness.

And should you find a deep connection with one of the cats or kittens, you may be able to adopt it and give it the gift of a forever home.

Adoption Fees
Adult Cat: $45
Single Kitten: $80
Two Kittens Together: $100