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Ojo Santa Fe is home to a unique, fluffy bantam breed of chickens called Silkies. These miniature chickens leave a big impression on anyone who meets them. Known for their silky soft feathers, these lightweight hens coo, cackle, and chat with any passerby. 

Step into the coop with an Experiential Guide and get to know our unique Silkie chickens. You’ll be invited to feed the hens fresh greens and veggies, in season fruit from our trees and other sweet treats that only a hen would love.

If you’re up for a deeper connection, our hens are happy to be picked up and held close. You’re in for a unique surprise as they begin to purr and vibrate the more settled they become on your lap. Watch as your body relaxes alongside theirs. 

Spending time with chickens can have unexpected health benefits as well.  Animal interactions have been shown to help lower stress and anxiety levels while helping to increase communication skills and sense of interconnectedness.