Nahui Ollin Four Movement Dance

Performed by Concha Garcia Allen


Fridays, 4:00 – 5:00pm

“Relationship” is the basis of the philosophy of native people on our continent. Relationship to our bodies, “the measurement of who we are.” Relationship to all: the water, air, fire and earth. Relationship to the all encompassed: the heavens and the cosmos. This guided meditation in the Nahui Ollin, four movement dance, directly connects you with Mother Earth and your own validity as a worthy, beautifully created being, affirming your own totality to All Relations and your contribution to the order and movement of the cosmos. This meditation also helps connect you to the duality of your left and right brain and the bodily emotions invoked in slow mindful movement. For kinship and fun, you will also do the dances of our relatives: horse, snake, corn, earth and air.