Team Building Activities & Meetings Facilitator

Core values are at the foundation of a company or organization and help guide individuals in everything they do. At Ojo Santa Fe, our customized team building experiences create unforgettable and meaningful experiences matched with your company’s goals; values and mission statement to create an experience participants will continue to build upon.

Ojo Santa Fe will provide a Meeting Facilitator who will conduct a pre-meeting call to assess goals and create an agenda that includes the meeting kick-off, followed by team building and goal-oriented activities.

core value: Duty & Respect

ACTIVITY: Archery: The Art of Archery requires respect for the rules and a sense of purpose and duty in completing your task on target. Taking a mindful approach to an ancient art allows you to explore your sense of duty and respect.

core value: Honor & Integrity

ACTIVITY: Make Your Mark (Art).In this art process, you will create a symbol that allows you to reflect upon how you live with honor and integrity. Allow the symbol to act as a reminder of these values in your daily life.

core value: Personal Courage

ACTIVITY: Hatchet Throwing: Step out of your comfort zone and demonstrate strength of will and character as you practice hatchet throwing. This is an activity that takes, practice, patience and the courage to make mistakes as you acquire knowledge and skill.


$65-$95 per person
Price per person dependent on duration and number of activities


Half Day – $750 / Full Day – $1,400

For more information, please contact the sales team be calling 505-692-3960.