Lynch Sisters
Janine & Richard
"I would recommend the girls getaway to anyone who wants to spend time with a special friend. It was an amazing experience of learning, sharing and reuniting."
“We held our Brand Experience Workshop for our client, Souder, Miller and Associates at Sunrise Springs. The environment and the facility was an ideal setting for creative ideation and thoughtful brand storytelling. The service and food were impeccable. We hope to host all of our branding sessions at Sunrise Springs in the future!”
Suzanne O'Leary + Nicole Rassmuson
Artisan Minds, Santa Fe
"I am returning home with fresh insights, a recharged battery and an unexpected new addition to my day – meditation."
"It was like being immersed in a different world where there was only beauty, kindness, and a deep connection to self."
"A lovely, quiet, off the beaten path retreat for rest and restoration. The staff is warm, the food delicious and healthy, the workshops and classes wonderful. You won't regret booking a stay here."
"My husband surprised me with a weekend at Sunrise Springs. I couldn't get over the beauty of the grounds and how attentive the staff was. The room, the food, and all the activities were perfect. I would come back here in a second. Thank you!
A very relaxing and beautiful week. Staff, facilities and setting were superb. A hidden treasure.
John and Amy
"The sweat lodge is one of the most powerful and cathartic experiences I've ever had. Concha and her 'nephews' were generous of spirit and respectful of the group's emotions and experiences."
"The experiential sessions, from meditation to art to puppies, were more than I could have hoped for in a mind-body experience. I will be back."
"There aren't words to describe the peacefulness and serenity I experienced at your resort. The grounds are absolutely amazing and breathtaking. The food was absolutely delicious. I will recommend your resort to everyone who is looking to get away from all the stresses of life and renew themselves."
"As a place to spend a multi-day anniversary Sunrise Springs is perfect. We never felt pressed to do anything beyond relax, yet the wellness and peaceful activities called us throughout our stay."
"Sunrise Springs is a true holistic retreat. Tasty, healthy food for nourishment. Exercise, massage and hot tub for the body. Chickens, puppies and art to soothe the soul. Sunrise Springs fills all the relaxation needs."
Mary Ellen
"Sunrise Springs is a true investment in yourself."
"A gem in Santa Fe. Peaceful, beautiful, creative and friendly. I can't wait to plan our return! A minimum of 2 nights is a must but 3 to 4 nights would be even better."
"The staff showed kindness and a genuine love of their jobs from the moment I arrived."
"This was a memorable experience that I will treasure forever."
"My dear friend and I travel each year to spend time together as friends, to enjoy body treatments, relax, eat delicious food, recharge our bodies and spirits outside in beautiful nourishing surroundings. Sunrise Springs is this experience. We will return."
“A joyful experience that pushes the reset button! After four uplifting, delicious days I am forever changed."
New Mexico
"I needed a break and recharge from work. After 4 days here I felt revitalized. I think we could all use this kind of reboot once a year!"
London, England
“Sunrise Springs gave us an amazing opportunity to escape the everyday and relish in the calm and quiet of nature."
Meredith and Christensen
“It’s hard to narrow down the highlights: the quiet moments sitting in the rockers; listening to the water and meditating; finding my place on the medicine wheel; and spending hours in the art studio. I can’t wait to return!”
K. Bellini
“My daughter and I were in search for a place where we could go and regain our focus and recharge mind, body and spirit. It did not fail. From the spring-fed ponds and beautiful landscapes to the medicine wheel, great spa services, intriguing classes, and of course delicious, nurturing food, Sunrise delivered on all its promises. Everyone owes it to themselves to visit this wonderful place!”
B. Buzbee
“Friday night was first class. All meals were excellent. The grounds, the room and bed; the décor; the artwork; the surprises (Mindfulness book and Stones); and every single staff member, was bar-none–kind, considerate, welcoming–a delight!”
Stephen W.
“I came to Sunrise Springs at a transitional time in my life. The staff gave me the tools to help me on my journey. I can’t recommend it enough!”
Kim B.
“Sunrise is a true wellness oasis. After a busy summer of teaching, it is just what I needed to recharge.”
Timothy Flaherty
“A truly wonderful experience. The staff were friendly and so accommodating. The grounds are lovely and peaceful. I hope to come back once a year.”
Kathleen Dreyer
“Sunrise Springs Resort is one of the nicest, most peaceful places I’ve ever stayed. The food was great and the people were so nice. Loved everything about this place. I will be coming back.”
J.M. Miller
"My appreciation for yoga grew during the classes I attended at Sunrise Springs. I have learned to live in the "now" and pay attention. I appreciated the instructor's attention to my health ailments and how to make adjustments that work for my body."
Jim Conrad
Atlanta, GA
“Thank you ever so much for the few days at the magical Sunrise Springs. Contemplation, harmony, beauty, gourmet delights, fire circle at the medicine wheel, REFLECTIONS inner and outward, staff kind and hospitable, ancient trees with their tresses swaying in the wind, classes that are take away informative, Zen moments to be cherished.”
Bill Curry
Taos, NM
“It was a life-changing and perhaps even a rebirth of sorts toward a truly healthy lifestyle. I'm so grateful as Sunrise Springs helped me to gain the knowledge and wisdom to become the best me as I journey into my next 25 years!"
Washington, DC
"We had no idea Sunrise Spring was such a special place. From the moment the gate opened up our senses were stimulated. The first visuals were breathtaking and calming. We were overwhelmed by the crisp, clean aromas of Mother Nature in a way I have never smelled before."
Vanessa Lazcano Blasingame
I teach communication and people skills on a graduate level; your staff are amazing in their knowledge and skills. Each one seems able to manage groups of disparate ages, sex, previous experience, etc. I cannot emphasize how friendly, appropriate, knowledgable, pleasant and available ... each staff member I encountered was.
I was looking for a life experience for my 40th birthday. I found what I was looking for at Sunrise Springs! Thank you. Sue was really great and Diane really made me feel at home in the art studio. These ladies should be commended!
We received a one night premium stay for a donation to the Community Against Violence in Taos. Thank you for your generosity to their fundraising efforts … We will definitely let folks know what a wonderful, rejuvenating experience they can enjoy at Sunrise Springs!
A true hidden treasure in my home town of Santa Fe. A quality property providing quality services. Skilled, humble and caring staff. It was a privilege to enjoy the space and its energy. The staff went well above my expectations to support my marriage proposal. A memorable moment and special space for us to return to. Thank you Greg, Susan, Chef Rocky and the amazing employees that made this the best experience of our life … so far! See you all soon!!
Before Sunrise Springs I had never exposed myself to other forms of healing such as yoga, meditation, herbal essence healing and even eating a plant-based diet for health. It has opened my eyes to new change. Thank you.
Sunrise Springs has been a great investment in our family. We came here, participated, and because so, we feel energized to go home and do better. The facility is beautiful and peaceful. They can help you to be well-rounded in the tools for happiness, lots of tools!!
Michael, Dr. Sally, Danielle, Carina, Maria, Mara, Giovani, Georgia, Britte, Brigita, Diane, Sue and everyone else I encountered made me feel right at home and helped me begin my transformation into the being inside of me that needs to emerge.
After grieving the loss of my mom I needed this — my soul was and is hurting but you guys provided the needed salve, and I am grateful! God bless.
Top 10 Foodie Cities in America – Infogroup
This was the exact place I needed to rest, recharge, reflect and get back in touch with what matteers most in life before embarking on a large transition after completing graduate school. This was a gift to myself, and I encourage anyone else feeling lost, tired or in need of some respite to come here. Come with an open mind and an open heart!
"So grateful to you ALL for the incredible stay I have had at Sunrise Springs. It is a remarkable place, serene, beautiful, rejuvenating–but it is the PEOPLE that truly make it what it is. Thanks again and I hope to be back soon!"
L. Ivrvine
#1 City in the World – Travel & Leisure
#5 City in the World – Conde Nast Traveler
#1 in the World for ‘Sense of Place’ – 2017 National Geographic World Legacy Awards
Travel and Leisure: Reader’s Choice for Destination of the Year - 2017
National Geographic: World Legacy Award #1 for Sense of Place
Travel and Leisure: #4 Favorite City Destination
Conde Nast: #4 Best Small City in the United States
Travel and Leisure #2 of the Top 15 Cities in the US and #11 in the World
National Geographic: one of America’s 20 Best Mountain Bike Towns
Outside Magazine: one of the Best Towns Ever – Where to Live
TripAdvisor: Top Affordable City for an Epic Group Getaway
“Our only regret was that we did not stay longer at Sunrise Springs! We packed a lot in, yet left feeling very relaxed and rejuvenated.”
Farmington Hills, MI
"A Majestic stay in a beautiful setting. Some of the best meals we've ever had: fresh, hand-picked, and beautifully presented–everything was delicious! The Medicine Wheel was a favorite!"
Santa Fe, NM
"I would encourage indulging in all that is offered during your stay. You can do things you've never done before, such as "Silkie Chicken Therapy" and making your own lip balm and soaps."
Emily F.
I left feeling not only refreshed but grounded and centered.
Lisa Frank
Albuquerque, NM
“The casita was spacious, the bed ultra-comfortable, and a gas fireplace warmed the night.”
Corrales, NM
"Sunrise Springs is the find of the century."
R. Kelly
Dallas, TX
"I can't say enough other than this experience will transform your relationship and life."
Albuquerque, NM
"The accommodations are exquisite in their simplicity and luxury. The hospitality exceeded any I have experienced elsewhere."
Albuquerque, NM
“Being here for four days fed my soul, my spirituality, and my health.”
Fairfax, VA
“The whole experience was sort of like a very luxurious summer camp for grown-ups.”
Farmington Hills, MI
“Nestled in the roughs of New Mexico is beautiful gem, a pond with fish, willow trees and historical buildings with great charm.”
Tucson, AZ
My favorite was the Spirit Lodge. Concha, a local traditional healer led the practice and provided a container for wholeness and healing–my highest recommendation and gratitude.
Vivian C.
"It felt like time slowed down and allowed us to rest and recharge our batteries."
Denver, CO
"If you're someone looking to get away from the daily grind and find yourself again. This is the place for you."
New York, NY