Native American Hoop Dancing is a celebration of life. The hoop represents the circle of life – having no beginning or end. Designs the dancer creates reflect the many lifeforms such as the butterfly, eagle or world itself.

The circle of life is sacred to Native people. This youth program focuses on the traditional hoop dance in which the dancer displays images of animals, plants and the energy of life. Designs help reinforce respect for everything in the circle of life. Youth meet and work with each other on new designs and new dance routines.

This beautiful high energy dance helps to teach the young dancers discipline and respect. Audiences share in this experience while also encouraging the young dancers after each of their designs. The Pueblo of Pojoaque tribal council and community supports this wellness program and encourages the youth to continue dancing at every opportunity.

The Pueblo of Pojoaque Hoop Dancers will be performing on the following dates:

  • August 31, 4pm