12 Feb 2016

MyCalmBeat: Free App to Help Reduce Stress

MyCalmBeat works by increasing your heart rate variability through slow breathing. MyCalmBeat first calculates your personal best breathing rate where you are most calm, and then gives you tools to train by breathing at that rate.

Your personal best breathing rate is unique to you and does not change. It reflects the physical properties of your cardiovascular system.

While breathing at your personal best breathing rate, your heart rate curve becomes more variable (in green) and follows a symmetrical pattern. In this state, you are most calm.

Low heart rate variability has been connected to worry, negative feelings, pain, and stresses at work. High heart rate variability enables you to recover more easily from stress, manage your pain, and boost your positive feelings and sense of wellbeing. High heart rate variability is also beneficial to our ability to focus and think clearly.

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