Jade is a PathFinder, a Medicine Women that has the ability to help others on their sacred journey, offering insights and messages from Spirit World, to help guide & illuminate one’s earthwalk. Jade works alongside tribal chiefs and other prominent medicine carriers, deepening and expanding her own sacred medicine ways throughout her life. As she continued her journey in the healing & mystical realms, Jade remembered and embodied her soul’s Shamanic Energetic Signature, creating her very own authentic healing practices that led her into her present, unique modality. Jade obtained her ‘Master of Hypnotherapy’ via extensive training in the field of clinical hypnotherapy.

For over a decade she and has worked in the field of clinical healing arts and was the clinical hypnotherapist for the UNM Hospital staff. Jade has merged her “Medicine Ways” into a modality of shared healing practices which have been recognized and utilized by many. Jade’s native roots are from the Iroquois Nation, her tribal affiliation is Seneca.


Hypnosis is inner-journey work in a state of deep relaxation which is custom designed for your desired results. Jade is a certified clinical hypnotherapist that has worked with doctors and patients as well as the general public. Sessions focus on uncovering and removing limiting beliefs systems, reframing unproductive thinking patterns that can hold you back from your potentials. In a deep relaxation state, one can access many aspects of yourself and address the reasons behind habits and lifestyle choices, and here, strengthen one’s personal empowerment. You can learn techniques to reduce stress and gain ‘wisdom-tools’ to assist your body with pain management, allowing the body’s energetic wisdom system to regenerate in meaningful ways. Hypnosis journeying is a deeply effective way to source your innate body’s wisdom for continued health and healing. Sessions: Individual rate $180, 80-minutes, and Couples $260, 110 minutes.

Totem Medicine/ Wamakaskan

(Wa*Maka*Ska) ( Living Beings of the Earth) The animal realms are abundant and surround us no matter our environment. All animals have energies and character traits that we associate with or at some level emulate. Learn how to recognize and connect to your spirit animal guides and helpers. Receive the messages of wisdom from the animal spirit world while exploring more about yourself and all of your relations. Sessions: 50-minutes

Sacred Pathways

Gain insight, spiritual strength and healing tools through a very personal guided journey. Jade’s sessions are created to fortify you heart & soul on your sacred path. Engaging with your Spirit Guides and her Spirit Guides, Jade will assist you in accessing your own ‘innate wisdom-keeper’ within, creating a deeply connective and transformative experience you can take forward on your sacred journey of life. Jade also gifts you with a personal ‘four-directions medicine shield’, imbued with wisdom keeper messages from the animal realms, to help you remain in alignment as you journey forward on your path. Sessions: 80-minutes