Maureen Jett

Maureen arrived in Santa Fe, New Mexico in 1981 following a vision. She has spent the last four decades assisting individuals, families and couples to gain insight, spiritual guidance and healing. Maureen uses the Sacred Tarot, Palm readings, and Handwriting Analysis as tools to open the doors to one’s life path, direction and inner wisdom.

Maureen holds a Masters degree in Marriage and Family Counseling and one in Pastoral Counseling. She based her Masters thesis on her research of the Sacred Tarot. Maureen has worked with Medicine men and women, law enforcement, and as a counselor in a domestic help center for men and women.

In her readings Maureen works with the help of her spiritual guides and in commune with the guides accompanying each guest. During the process she may meet a relative, ancestor or guide.  She may also have a particularly clairvoyant or psychic message, but not always, not with everyone. Maureen believes that understanding the self can lead to empowerment, self-awareness, healing and insight into one’s soul path.

Tarot Card Reading
With clairvoyant vision and guidance Maureen invites you to uncover your essential self through the Tarot. Forging past the clutter of daily life to illuminate your true path, Maureen will help you navigate the shifts and changes needed on your journey ahead. $119
Palm Reading and Handwriting Analysis
The inner maps to soul, life experiences and future possibilities are inscribed on the palms of our hands and hidden within our writing. Through consultation with her spiritual guides Maureen provides a clear path to inner knowledge, allowing you to access your true self and chosen path. $99