When Verónica Iglesias was 9, she received the sacred Sahumador of her family, an important symbol and tool of healing and connection with the sacredness of the universe.

After earning her master’s degree in Mesoamerican Studies from the National Autonomous University of Mexico, Verónica studied ancestral medicine with different indigenous healers in Mexico. She has been doing healings since 2000, using the temazcal (Mesoamerican Sweat Lodge), meditation, crystal therapy, Emotional Freedom Technique and medicinal aromatherapy.

She believes that medicine is everywhere and is accessible to everybody, once you have made a deep connection with the spirit of Mother Earth and with your own self and essence.

Gem Therapy

Gain new energy, clarity and a sense of renewal with gem therapy. Gems such as diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires are used on the main chakras of the body to bring balance and healing. Sessions may involve the use of essential oils or gem elixirs. 50 minutes, $159

Jade Oracle Readings

The 52-card Jade Oracle brings back the ancient Mesoamerican tradition of divination. A reading will help you position yourself within the Universe and your inner cosmos, help you understand where are you in your life now and guide you through challenges. Verónica is co-creator of the Jade Oracle. 50 minutes, $119

Kundalini Therapy

Liberate your emotional and energy blockages and become more balanced with crystal quartz and obsidian. Kundalini therapy is helpful for back pain, and supports the immune, respiratory, nervous and urinary systems. 50 minutes, $99

Turquoise Therapy

Connect with the inner warrior of light. This session will help you make decisions and take the control in your life. The turquoise and the Aztec turquoise bring protection and clarity with your goals. 50 minutes, $139

Jade Therapy

Jade therapy is excellent if you want to bring more balance to your life while embracing your feminine side. Jade was the most sacred and important gem for the Mesoamerican people, and is connected to water, the jaguar, the spirit of the jungle and the medicine that Mother Earth provides. 50 minutes, $139

Healing with Essential Essences

This therapy is useful when you are going through a big personal transformation and want to be in a space of Divine Love and in connection with your Angels, Guides and Higher Self. 50 minutes, $199

Limpia or Spiritual Cleansing

Through the use of sacred copal smoke, the sound of a sea shell, flowers, herbs and Verónica’s hands, you will experience the cleansing of your tonalli — what the Nahual call your aura – and welcome a new and balanced energetic flow to support your path in life. 50 minutes, $119