Camille Litalien

Somatic Healing sessions are designed to address what health (physical, mental, spiritual) might feel like for you individually and what may be the blocks or impositions that currently keep you from it. My intention is to empower you to become your own healer as you develop your capacity to listen to the Body (your own physical body and the body of the world) and to skillfully release and harness your creativity. During a session, I will first listen to what your healing intentions may be. Following a short physiological and structural assessment, you can expect some hands-on body work, a fine tuning of your relationship to your breath and life force, gentle rehabilitative and restorative movement (assisted and on your own), and a time to integrate the transformational journey you have gone through. You should live the session refreshed and with simple tools to continue to integrate the work started together.

The Art of Self-Healing

Focuses on giving you grounding techniques to strengthen courage and agency in addressing issues at the core of physical, psychological or emotional dysfunction. The session will stir you toward empowered embodiment.
Starting at $108

Journey back home

Through gentle Hatha Yoga breathing and postural exercises, we engage with the energies and patterns that exist within us, embedded deep in the bodily tissues and etched within the nervous system. We move slowly to encourage the release of our adopted tensions, our own cellular and ancestral psychic holding patterns, setting the breath and underpinning life force, free to move once again inside of our bodies, and within our lives.
Starting at $108

Sacred Embodiment

Through revisiting early developmental patterns, and exploring their manifestations as relationships between our bodies and the body of the world, we somatically experience the quality of divine mystery and love within our own physical form. We gently charge the body with the sacred and open the opportunity for healing, the arrival of grace, and begin to plant the seeds for embodied transformation.
Starting at $108