Winter Solstice Activities

We’ll honor this sacred season with activities such as mindful intention-building, reflections by firelight, seasonal cooking, and physical movement and meditations in nature.
Offerings run from December 16th through January 7th. 


Illuminated Intentions

During winter months, the scarcity of light and long nights compel us to introspection. We go inward and tend to the “fire.” Though winter solstice is the shortest day of the year, it marks the gradual return of the light and new life. Call forth the intentions of your new life through personalized candle crafting and decorating in this engaging expressive arts session.

Bowl-ed Reflection

Circle up with us as we journey through our reflections, sitting and observing all that appears. Discover new ways to renew your perspective through reflecting.

Keeping the Fire

Let’s gather together in a talking circle and build a fire. Together we will sit and share our stories of how much we have overcome and what we are planting for the future.

Candle Circle

Walk into a room full of candles and find your place in the light. Rest, reflect, and renew your relationship to yourself, to each other and to the light. Mindful meditation in light and darkness allows us to welcome the arrival of solstice.


Discover your feelings and your process as to how you want to create a warm cocoon around yourself under the midwinter sky. Embrace yourself in the darkness of your cocoon and FEEL all that YOU are in the midst of stillness and silence.

Nature’s Solstice Shrine

Journey with us around the property as we collect different parts of nature that speak to our Souls. Then we come together to honor our individual journeys and build a shrine to honor all that we share.

Warm to the Bone: Seasonal Culinary Support

Winter brings cold weather and warm food. Learn about supportive and nourishing herbs, spices and recipes to support your energy and sustain your spirits through the darkness of winter.

Walking Meditation: Balancing Act 

Take a winter walk in silence to cultivate presence, patience, reflection and vision as we turn inward over the next several months, working to balance the inward and outward energies.

Sun Mountain Hike and Hot Cocoa

Enjoy a hike into the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and share a cup of hot cocoa at the summit.

Native American Solstice Rituals of New Mexico

Explore the Solstice traditions and rituals of the diverse Native American tribes of New Mexico. Learn about the Apache and Navajo winter rituals for Solstice, the Zuni Shalako, Hopi Kachinas, and the Pueblo Indians reverence for this time as an integral part of their growing season. 

Qigong for Winter Solstice

Join in easy, repetitive movements for health and well-being that unite the shortest day of the year and the return of the light and the onset of winter as we rotate in our seasonal changes. Wear comfortable clothing. Weather permitting we will be outdoors.

Beads of Reflection

Create a 6-8 inch string of beads with mirrors and a small bell to celebrate the light as we enter into the winter season, while taking time for internal and external reflections on the coming year.

A Star in Your Hand

Make a constellation-themed glass cabochon pendant using handmade papers, glass cabochons and metal leaf.

Celestial Phenomena Petroglyph Hike

Come and hike the Petroglyphs. In 1054, Chinese astronomers recorded a supernova in the constellation Orion that was visible in the daytime sky and lit up the night landscape like a red full moon. It is believed that the spiral and large star art at the petroglyphs are records of this event. This hike will visit several of the numerous panels that showcase these images. 

Celestial Journal

Create a one-of-a-kind multi-pocketed travel journal in rich celestial hues of purple and deep blue. Embellished with metallic paints and star maps, this journal is a work of art in itself. It is also a perfect collecting those tiny treasures and thoughts of your holiday.

Solstice Bread

Solstice Bread, or Sunbread, is a traditional sweet and rich bread shaped like a golden sun. Join us in creating this sunny treat, and then we will break bread together, honoring the shortest day of the year and welcoming the return of the sun.

Winter Wassail

Celebrate the seasonal shift with a warming Winter Wassail. Learn about this tasty drink traditionally made from mulled ale, curdled cream, roasted apples, eggs, cloves, ginger, nutmeg and sugar. We’ll craft our own homemade Wassail and cheers to the sunny season ahead.

Aromatic Spiced Pomanders

Pomanders are sweet smelling balls of herbs and spices, placed in a closet, drawer or room to perfume the air. Together, we will craft spiced pomanders of fresh oranges studded with cloves and ribbon. Take home this bright and aromatic ornament to perfume your home and provide a festive reminder of the sunny days ahead.