Yessica Sierra-Zamora

Yessica is a natural born sensitive, intuitive healer, empath and Clairaudient. She comes from a long line of healers & light-workers on both sides of her family. She is a 4th generation Curandera, Reiki Master & practitioner, Angelic communicator, and Crystal Healer. Having grown up with these traditions as a way of life, she’s been working with crystals, Auras and Chakras for over 20 years.

She began working with Reiki in 2012 and completed Master-Teacher Level Reiki in 2014. She is an ordained minister and also certified in Complementary & Alternative Medicine modalities. She uses Reiki & practices gratitude as a way of life.

As an energy healer she believes we all have the capacity to heal, not only ourselves, but others as well. As a light worker she is a channel. She connects and works closely with the Archangels, Angels, Spirit Guides, light beings, Ascended Masters and teachers to receive divine assistance for your highest and best guidance and healing possible. Her intentions are of the highest love, understanding, and compassion and there will never be judgement.

“I wish to bring balance, love, peace, light, and healing, to those whose lives I’m allowed to touch.”

Hands-on healing modality channeling divine universal light for healing all aspects of your life. Session may include incorporating crystals, sound vibration, smudging. $119
Spiritual Cleanse Traditional Limpia
A traditional limpia is a spiritual cleansing, done with an egg, herbs, flowers, healing waters, sound, and smudge to clear negativity, balance the body, mind and soul. It helps clear “susto” (fears), energetic blocks, attachments, Mál de Ojo, and heaviness by clearing the energy field (Aura). The limpia brings calmness, balance, grounding, clarity, and healing. $159
Spiritual Guidance
This is an intuitively guided session tailored to your needs, as I work with your spirit guides, Archangels, and ancestors a combination of Reiki, Chakra clearing, Aura cleansing, Guided Meditation, Crystal healing, Cord Release, Curanderismo, and energy therapy as needed for your highest and best healing. $159
Chakra Cleansing & Harmonizing
Attachments and blocks are cleared from each energy center. Using crystals, color therapy, smudge and oils pertaining to each chakra. Working on the 7 main Chakras, imbalances are found intuitively by energy sensations. Crystals and color mats are placed directly on the body, the Chakras are cleared, harmonized and energized, the Aura is also cleared, energized, and “sealed”. Bringing balance and a sense of renewal. $159
Tarot Card Reading
Using the traditional Tarot cards, I communicate with your higher self and spirit guides to deliver guidance on current situations. Delivering messages rot empower you to grow and take the necessary action for your highest and best path. $119